The "My Apps" tool lets you create and deploy apps on JuliaBox. Apps are useful for:


Launch the default app

All users have a pre-installed default app on their image. Click on the "My Apps" icon to open the dialog.

Hit the "Deploy" button to start the default app.

The "Link" button should become active after about a minute. Click on it to see the app.

After you close the "My Apps" dialog you should see the "myapp" app on your dashboard.

Click on it to open the controller for the app. Here you will find the following tools:

Some things to note

  1. Logs: Your app logs can be found in the logs folder in your home. You should see this folder in your Jupyter front page.

  1. Restarting an app: First click the "Stop" and wait for your app to be shut down. This will not take more than a few seconds. Click the button to check on the status of your app. Once your app is shut down click the "Start" button.

  2. If you delete your app the corresponding julia code will not be deleted

  3. You can only create 4 apps at a time. To increase this quota please contact

  4. The julia code for the default app is in the file /juliabox/myapp/main.jl. To view this in Jupyter first copy it to your home using the terminal.

  1. The app has access to any file on your disk as well as access to the internet.

Making your own app

To create your own app:

  1. A julia file containing the code that you want to run

  1. Give the app a name and mention the path to the julia file as the "Runfile" in "My Apps" window. Make sure you haven't used the same name for another app.

  1. Hit "Deploy"